Nicole Furlonge

Welcome to the Klingenstein Center at Columbia University’s Teachers College where we learn and work at the intersection of education, equity, and change leadership.

The Klingenstein Center is the premier professional learning program for independent and international school educator-leaders. From our beginning in 1977, we understood that professional growth positively impacts student learning and leads to thriving students and schools. Today, our nearly 4,000 alumni lead, create, design, and innovate in education across the globe.  

We were built to cultivate change. We are committed to transformative and continuous learning.

The Klingenstein Center’s multiple degree and non-degree programs, institutes, and workshops invite students and participants to experience transformative professional learning. We grow the capacity of educators to lead in a time when rapid change is our constant and the commitment to socially just and social-emotionally-informed leadership is most urgent. In our programs, participants build resilience, knowledge, and mindsets as they explore, reflect on, and practice behaviors necessary to lead with intention and for impact.

We are dedicated to cultivating creatively confident, growth-minded, informed, nimble, and inclusive leadership that thrives.

When you choose to learn with us in our graduate programs, you do so in a cohort of individuals working with distinguished faculty and school leaders. You learn through core courses, electives, coaching, connections with independent school practitioners, action research, leadership shadowing, and design challenges. We leverage the power of human connection by balancing collaborative learning and peer feedback with deep study and individual reflection. Our university’s urban ecosystem of New York City provides opportunities to engage schools, educational non-profits, and organizations in other industries to deepen learning.

A quest to build resilience and capacity as we lead change and growth in complex schools and a complicated world, a commitment to creating schools in which all persons thrive, a culture of transformative learning and succeeding together -- these are all a part of our history and are essential components of our future. Come join us in its making.

Nicole Brittingham Furlonge
Professor and Director

KlingensteinCenter Teachers College Columbia University

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