Thu-Nga HoThu-Nga Ho, PSL '15, Academic Dean & Director of St. Edmund's Academy, PA

I continually draw upon what I learned from the program and reflect often on how it has influenced my personal values and faith in independent schools. There has been no other time when my intellectual and emotional capacities have been stretched more than the time I spent with my peers and professors at Klingenstein. The close relationships I have formed in the Klingenstein program have been invaluable and will surely last a lifetime.

Lindsey KundelLindsey Kundel, PSL '15, Upper School English and Journalism Teacher, Taipei American School, Taiwan

The Klingenstein program opened my eyes to educational opportunities I never dreamed about before enrollment. The professors engage and challenge you, but your amazing colleagues from all around the country and world – coupled with the cohort format – truly make the program exceptional. The Klingenstein program doesn't "make" you an educational leader; it inspires you to be one by surrounding you with other like-minded, driven, passionate educators who love what they do. 

Ted PakerTed Parker, PSL '14, Director of Digital Literacy and Innovation, King Low Heywood Thomas School, CT

Taking a year to step out of my career and examine it critically was an invaluable privilege. My PSL year continues to lend me theoretical and practical understandings I use daily to make sense of my experiences as a leader at my school. 

Eric LombardiEric Lombardi, PSL '13, Head of School, Fort Worth Country Day School, TX

Klingenstein stays with me in so many ways. As a Head of School, I look up Schein readings on school culture, my notes from Pearl's class on leadership, negotiations advice and readings from "Difficult Conversations" in preparation for a teacher disputing a salary, and, most importantly, I contact classmates looking for feedback and ideas. The year was a gift of time and reflection while it lasted. It is a gift of deep learning in the years since I was there. 

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