Frequently Asked Questions for Two-Summers Program Admitted Students for 2019-2021 

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When do classes start and end this summer?

Classes for Summer 2019 will be held Monday, June 17-Thursday, July 25.  There will be no classes on from July 4-5.

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What is the daily schedule?

The first day of the program, June 17, will be an orientation day. For the rest of your six-weeks at Teachers College, you can expect to have a morning class and an afternoon class, each of which lasts 2.5-3 hours. The morning class begins at 9:00 or 9:30 am and the afternoon class begins at 1:00 or 1:30 pm, depending on the specific class. There are no weekend classes.

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What classes will I be taking this summer?

This summer, you'll be taking the following courses:

  • ORLA 5199 - Equity, Inclusion, and Strategic School Leadership with Nicole Furlonge
  • ORLA 5052 - Program Leadership (aka How People Learn) with Kevin Mattingly
  • ORLA 6020 - Negotiations with Michelle Greenberg-Korbrin
  • A&HF 4182 - Ethics and Education with Megan Laverty
  • ORLA 5521 - Research Methods with Rebecca Stilwell
You'll also spend time this summer preparing for the research project you'll complete next fall and for the practicum you'll complete in the Spring. Note that you don't need to register for courses; registration will be completed for you.

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What is the cost of program?

The tuition and fees for the entire program are $55,966. Other costs to consider are housing, transportation, meals, books and discretionary spending. For tuition and fees, you'll be billed in five equal installments at the beginning of each of your five semesters. The due dates are:

  • Summer 2019 - July 10
  • Fall 2019 - Sept 6
  • Spring 2020 - January 24
  • Summer 2020 - July 10
  • Fall 2020 - TBD

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When is the deposit deadline to confirm attendance?

Admitted applicants will need to confirm their attendance and make their deposit by April 15 to reserve their place in the program.

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When will I hear about scholarships and financial aid?

If you applied for scholarships through your application, you'll hear about Klingenstein Center scholarship funds via email during the week of February 25. You'll also hear from the Teachers College Office of Financial Aid about other scholarship funds or about loans as your financial aid application is processed.

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Is housing available?

Yes. Housing is available for full-time summer graduate students through the Office of Residential Services, Teachers College, Columbia University. Applicants are encouraged to apply for on-campus housing as soon as possible. Visit the Summer Conference Housing page for more information. If you are more interested in off-campus housing options, there are a few places to start:

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What options are available for meals?

Teachers College has two on-campus dining options, the Grace Dodge Cafeteria and the Everett Library Cafe. Students are able to use credit and debit cards ($5 minimum) and cash at both places. There is also an option called TC Dollar$, which is a declining balance dining program that allows students to purchase food at Teachers College on a dollar for dollar, tax-free, basis. In the summer, the cafeteria is open for breakfast and lunch.  Breakfast options include pastries, oatmeal, and an assortment egg sandwiches and omelettes.  Breakfast usually runs $3-6 not including beverages.  Lunch options include salads, fruit, sandwiches, pizza, and grill-service items like burgers and fries.  Lunch prices usually run $6-12.

In addition to dining at TC, you will be in vibrant neighborhood with multiple groceries stores, markets, restaurants, delivery services and more.

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How much will I need to spend on books and supplies?

Many of your readings will be posted on your course web pages and the library's e-reserves.  There are some required books.  Across the entire program, the estimate for books is ~$800.

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