Klingenstein Alumni Present at NAIS 2019

Congratulations to the nearly 50 alumni presenting at NAIS 2019.  

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Radical Rethinking of the Leadership Pipeline in Independent Education; Rethinking and Redesigning the Model
Grant Lichtman, The Future of K-12 Education; John Gulla, Heads ‘10, Edward E. Ford Foundation; Doreen Kelly, Ravenscroft School (NC); David Monaco, Parish Episcopal School (TX)

The Beautiful Partnership: A Shared Leadership Framework for Boards and Heads of School
Abigail DeLessio and Marc Frankel, Triangle Associates; Joel Brand and Landis Green, Heads ‘06, Wildwood School (CA)

Women and Leadership: Patterns, Strategies, and Tools for Navigating Your Leadership Journey
Amada Torres, NAIS; Liz Duffy, Heads ‘11, International Schools Services


Block 1:

From “A” to Mastery: Leading School-Wide Change in the Mastery Revolution
Michael Peller, LA ‘17 and Allison Letourneau, The White Mountain School (NH); Bonnie Lathram, Global Online Academy (WA); Stephen Dunn, The Nueva School (CA); Regan Galvan, LA ‘17

It’s on Us: How Student-Centered Equity Work Fails Us All
Dwight Vidale, LA ‘11
, Riverdale Country School (NY); Emily Schorr Lesnick, University Prep (WA)

Navigating the Role of the Independent School Institutional Researcher: Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships
Denise Uehara, Paris Priore-Kim, and Emily McCarren, PSL ‘10, Punahou School (HI)

Restorative Justice: Can We Reframe Discipline in the Independent World?
Ruth Bissell, Loren Moyé, LA ‘09, and Betsy Brody, San Francisco Day School (CA)

Block 2:

The Education Nexus: Secondary Schools, Universities, and the Future of Work
Rich Odell, Heads Up Educational Consulting; Kevin Ross, Lynn University; Tacy Trowbridge, KSI ‘95, Adobe; Colleen Glaude, Apple; Robert H. Huntington, Heidelberg University; Jonathan Holloway, Northwestern University

“Making” Across the Curriculum
Jim Reese, KSI ‘97
, Washington International School (DC)

Nurturing a Neuro-Diverse Learning Environment: Marketing, Recruiting, and Strategic Vision
Joseph Loftin, Heads ‘03
and Kara Loftin, Wasatch Academy (UT)

The RCDS Institute: An Innovation Incubator Empowering Teachers to Lead Strategic Initiatives
Scott Nelson and Eliza McLaren, LA ‘17, Rye Country Day School (NY)

Leaders from Within: How Internal Succession Can Set Up Schools for Success
Joshua Cobb, LA ‘13
and Ronni McCaffrey, JKF ‘90, Graland Country Day School (CO); Stephanie Flanigan and Julie Bragdon, Montessori School of Denver (CO)

Strategic Planning That Fosters Community, Builds Capacity, and Creates Culture
Melinda Bihn, Heads ‘19
and Andrea Kennedy, French American International School (CA)

Non-tuition Revenue Streams: Pre- vs. Post-Recession Analysis
Todd Ballaban, KSI ‘08
, Charlotte Latin School (NC); Marek Beck, Whittle School (DC); Will Nord, St. Peter’s School (PA); Peter Locke, LA ‘17, The American School in Switzerland (Switzerland); Justin Hajj, The Learning Project Elementary School (MA)


Block 3:

How Getting Hit by a Car Made Me a Better Leader
George Swain, JKF ‘00, New York State Association of Independent Schools

How to Tie a Turban—and Stand Up for Independent School Values
Siri Akal Khalsa, PSL ‘94
, Northwest Association of Independent Schools

Assessing and Reporting on Our Values: Moving from Subject-Based to Competency-Based Reports
Allen Broyles and Nishant Mehta, PSL ‘07, The Children’s School (GA)

NAIS Strategy Lab: Lessons from the Field
Mark Mitchell, NAIS; Tommie Adams, Grosse Pointe Academy (MI); Jennifer Danish, Grace Episcopal Day School (MD); Mick Gee, Allendale Columbia School (NY); Vince Watchorn, Heads ‘17, Providence Country Day School (RI)

The School Leadership Pipeline: Ensuring Robust Leadership Development at Independent Schools
Amada Torres, NAIS; Liz Duffy, Heads ‘11, International Schools Services

Students as Instruments of Policy: Leaders Fostering School Change Through Youth Participatory Action Research
Jessica Watkin, KSI ‘02
, and Katherine Windsor, Heads ‘02, Miss Porter’s School (CT); Peter Kuriloff and Charlotte Jacobs, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education

Think Your School Is Safe? Think Again! Conducting a Policies and Procedures Self-Audit
Linda Johnson, McLane Middleton; Matt Micciche, KSI ‘97, Heads ‘15, Friends School of Baltimore (MD)

Who Knew We Were Reimagining All Along?
Ruth Glass, Lake Tahoe School (NV); Joan Beauregard, Hamlin Robinson School (WA); Ellen Taussig, Heads ‘97, The Northwest School (WA)

Maintaining Healthy Culture in a Divisive Political Climate
Jennifer Landis, Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child (NJ); Elise London, St. Mark’s School (MA); Melissa Myers, Sterne School (CA); Lisa Oberstein, PSL ‘09, The Caedmon School (NY); Kristen Sheehan, The Benjamin School (FL); Lisa Vardi, Bullis School (MD)

Block 4:

Sex Abuse: Supporting the Well-Being of Survivors, Students, and the Community
John Palfrey, Phillips Academy (MA),  Kathleen Buckstaff, author of Get Savvy and survivor; Janet E. Fine, victim advocacy expert; Mike Hanas, Heads ‘08, San Francisco Friends School (CA); and Jamie Forbes, consultant and survivor

Deep from the Heart of Texas: Reimagining the Head of School-Chief Diversity Officer Partnership
Gene Batiste and Mark Desjardins, Heads ‘08, St. John’s School (TX); Lee Hark and Karen Bradberry, Greenhill School (TX); Chris Gunnin and Yvonne Adams, St. Stephen’s Episcopal School (TX)

Getting Your Trustee Committees out of the Weeds and into Strategic Conversations
Gretchen Reed, Mo Copeland, Heads ‘09, and Jon Von Behren, Oregon Episcopal School (OR)

Homework 2.0: Challenging Conventional Homework Practices
Stella Beale, LA ‘13
, Marin Academy (CA); Margaret Dunlap, Challenge Success

Out the Door: What We Can Learn from Abrupt Departures from Headship
Claudia Daggett, Heads ‘03
, Independent Schools Association of the Central States

Tearing Down Walls: Building Leadership Capacity for Women
Lisa Lovering, Educator’s Ally; Nanci Kauffman, Castilleja School (CA); Jennifer Zaccara, Vermont Academy (VT); Aléwa Cooper, KSI ‘03, Greens Farms Academy (CT)

Next Generation Employee: Hiring for Cultural Competency
Christie Checovich, Bentley School (CA); Erin Harper, Providence Day School (NC); Netra Fitzgerald, Greenhill School (TX); Laura Fitzpatrick, Sandia Preparatory School (NM); Adriana Murphy, LA ‘11, Friends Community School (MD); Kate Walsh, Our Lady of Good Counsel (MD)

Block 5:

Athena: How Teachers at 50+ Schools Are Building a Network and Sharing Practices
Max Gordon, St. Paul’s School (NH); Peter Nilsson, PSL ‘07, Deerfield Academy (MA)

Avatars and Altruism: Using Immersive Technology to Build Empathy
Nola-rae Cronan, Columbus School for Girls (OH); Ara Brown, KSI ‘06, Whittle School (DC); Tracie Hightower, Cranbrook Kingswood Schools (MI)

Breaking Down Barriers: The Marriage of Admissions, Student Support, and College Counseling
Kyle Graham, Nat Smitobol, and Jamie Nestor, PSL ‘10, Poly Prep Country Day School (NY)

California’s Social-Emotional Learning Assessment Pilot: Generating Shared Data to Improve Student Competencies and School Environments
Jennifer de Forest, JKF ‘99
, California Association of Independent Schools; Joseph Harvey, Mark Day School (CA); Karen Strobel, Castilleja School (CA); Mitch Bostian, The Berkeley School (CA)

Leaders of Other: Diversifying School Leadership for Success
Siri Akal Khalsa, PSL ‘94
, Northwest Association of Independent Schools; Kirk Wheeler, Heads ‘13, St. Thomas School (WA); Patti Hearn, Lake Washington Girls Middle School (WA); Morva McDonald, Giddens School (WA); Brenda Leaks, PSL ‘07, Seattle Girls’ School (WA)

Love Is Love—One Elementary School’s Commitment to Celebrating the LGBTQ Community
Britt Anderson, Abby Guinn, KSI ‘01, and Maria Montes Clemens, Prospect Sierra School (CA)

Responding to Complaints of Student and Employee Misconduct in the #MeToo Era
Tekakwitha Pernambuco-Wise, Heads ‘18
, Sea Crest School (CA); Linda Adler and Grace Chan, Liebert Cassidy Whitmore

Taking the Pulse on Homework
Eric Augustin, Colorado Academy (CO); Paul Bonnel, French American International School (CA); Matthew Cutler, Harvard-Westlake School (CA); Ford Dieth, St. Martin’s Episcopal School (LA); Brian Ogden, LA ‘11, The Bishop’s School (CA)

Block 6:

Bring Reggio Emilia-Inspired and Emergent Inquiry Approach to the Junior Years
Bart van Veghel, KSI ‘13
, Kerri Embrey, and Kathleen Grzybowski, The Bishop Strachan School (Canada)

Designing Your Female Leadership Journey in Independent Schools
Colleen Schilly, Hillbrook School (CA); Kathleen McNamara, KSI ‘93, Heads ‘13, The Seven Hills School (CA)

Engage with an Innovative, Dynamic, Developmentally-Appropriate Health and Wellness Curriculum—Bring It to Your School!
Liz LaRocque, Kate Oznick, Tina Fox, KSI ‘07, John O’Neill, and Leesa Mercedes, Belmont Day School (MA)

Letting Their Lives Speak: Harnessing Student Activism and Amplifying Their Movement
Guybe Slangen, PSL ‘07, San Francisco Friends School (CA); Blake Kohn, National Network of Schools in Partnership; Diego Duran-Medina, KSI ‘08, LA ‘13, Shorecrest Preparatory School (FL); Monique Daviss, El Sol Science and Arts Academy (CA)

Practical Advice for All Teachers Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and Executive Dysfunction
Eldrich Carr, LA ‘13,
Springer School and Center (OH)

Schools That Thrive: How Great Strategic Design Focuses on Learners!
Stephanie Rogen, Greenwich Leadership Partners; Jody Soja, Indian Mountain School (CT); Diana Owen, LA ‘15, Pine Point School (CT), Wildwood School (CA)

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