Cohort Learning: A Klingenstein Program Hallmark

Lasting Connections

“My experience in the Two-Summers Master's program was phenomenal. One of the best features of the program was the opportunity to learn and engage with a cohort of highly motivated educators. Our conversations extended far beyond the classroom hours and enabled us to create lasting relationships. As a result, I am now connected to people around the globe who are passionately working to improve their schools. Since graduating, I have utilized the connections I made during the program to share best practices, discuss dilemmas, and brainstorm creative approaches to challenges.”

Jason Ford ‘13
Assistant Principal for Student Life, Fieldston Middle School, NY

It might start with a conversation about the pros and cons of single-sex education or a team project, but it doesn’t take long for Klingenstein students to realize that they will learn nearly as much from their colleagues in the program as from the professors in class.

At the core of every Klingenstein Center program is a cohort of enthusiastic and accomplished colleagues with a real passion for educational and leadership. The relationships formed among these talented educators further enrich course content through vibrant and diverse discussion. Cohort members form lifelong connections and lasting friendships.


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