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Educators often wonder what impact their efforts have on an individual student. For the Klingenstein family, classroom experiences of long ago inspired them to provide similar opportunities for future students by ensuring a cadre of strong school leaders to replace the great ones of the past.

In 1977, The Klingenstein Fund established the Joseph Klingenstein Fellows at Teachers College, Pat Klingenstein, Pearl Kane, John KlingensteinColumbia University, the first university-based leadership training for those in the independent school field. The Fellows Program began with twelve participants and over the years Klingenstein Center offerings have grown to include five programs serving early career teachers, mid-career educators and administrators and heads of schools. The Center currently has nearly 4000 alumni in 49 U.S. states and territories and 54 countries working in schools around the world and has been credited with contributing to the professionalization of the field.

Through carefully-designed programs that are continuously evaluated and improved, cutting-edge knowledge, skills for effective practice and well-chosen faculty, the Center has sustained a reputation for developing more informed and better prepared leaders to confront independent and international school challenges and possibilities in a rapidly-changing world.


Strong schools require strong leadership throughout. At the Klingenstein Center, we dedicate ourselves to improving the quality of independent and international schools by developing and strengthening the leadership skills of teachers and administrators at every stage of their careers. Carefully structured programs provide enhanced learning that hones skills and philosophical approaches to leading and learning for teacher-leaders, mid-career administrators and heads of schools.

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