Frequently Asked Questions about the MA/MBA Dual Degree

Who is eligible to apply?

Students who have been accepted into either the Full-Year Master's Program or the Two-Summers Master's Program are eligible to apply to either INSEAD or Columbia Business School under the dual degree program.

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How do I apply?

Begin by applying for the Klingenstein Master's program of your choice - either the Full-Year program or the Two-Summers program. Once accepted to the master's program, you can apply to either Columbia Business School or INSEAD under the dual degree program. 

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When are the admissions deadlines?

Klingenstein Program application dates are based on whether you are applying to the full-year or two-summers master's program. After you are accepted and you decide which business school is right for you, specific deadlines can be determined.

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Are scholarships or financial aid available?

Yes. Thanks to alumni support of the annual Scholars Fund and the generosity of foundations and the Klingenstein family funds, many students receive aid for the two semesters that they are enrolled in Teachers College. Scholarships are need and merit-based. The Klingenstein Center has limited support available for the semesters of enrollment in business school. Students may also apply for financial aid from their business school as part of that application.  

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Is housing available?

Yes. Housing is available for full-time graduate students through the Office of Residential Services, Teachers College, Columbia University. Housing during the business school portion of the program depends on the business school attended. A conversation with the Klingenstein Center about your individual situation would best answer your questions.

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How long does it take to complete the program?

It takes approximately two calendar years to complete the program depending on the combination of the full-year master's degree or two-summers master's degree and Columbia Business School or INSEAD.

Most MA/MBA students at Columbia Business School start MBA studies in January for a continuous year, and enroll at Teachers College for the fall and spring semesters immediately before and after their time at Columbia Business School. It is also possible to complete the MBA studies after completion of the the Teachers College program, though a January entry at Columbia Business School is usually still required.

MA/MBA students at INSEAD can enroll in MBA study for a year (January - December) between two semesters at Teachers College, or enroll at INSEAD for one year (beginning in September or January) within five years of graduation from Teachers College.

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Are there special benefits for dual degree students at either INSEAD or Columbia Business School? 

Yes. Each school provides special benefits.

At Columbia Business School, students are able to complete the MBA portion of their program in three semesters in one calendar year (including summer) instead of in four semesters over two years. This arrangement represents a savings of up to $35,000 in tuition and a faster return to the workforce.

At INSEAD, all students complete the MBA program in one year.  Dual degree students from Klingenstein programs receive a scholarship that reduces their tuition cost by 33%.

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