Alumni Presenters at PoCC 2019

Nearly forty Klingenstein program alumni will be presenting 32 sessions at the NAIS's 2019 People of Color Conference in Seattle, WA.  If you're attending POCC, be sure to put these on your "must attend" list of sessions!

Equity Seminars (Full Day)

  • Ally Is a Verb: The Role of White Educators at PoCC and Beyond
    Anshu Wahi, The Northwest School (WA); Elena Jaime, The Brick Church School (NY); Xiomara Hall, PSL '09, The Chapin School (NY); Hannah Lucal, Center for Racial Justice in Education (CRJE); Randy Clancy, Critical Analysis of Race in Learning and Education (CARLE)
  • The PoCC Leadership Institute for People of Color
    Nicole DuFauchard, HDS '16
    , The Advent School (MA); James Calleroz White, HDS '16 The Galloway School (GA)

Equity Seminars (Afternoon)

  • Shining a Light! Illuminating Underrepresented Stories on the Elementary School Campus
    Britt Anderson, Maria Montes Clemens, Melody Esquer Gil, and Priti Hulse, KSI '19, Prospect Sierra School (CA)
  • Stay Tuned: Practicing Listening Leadership in Schools
    Nicole Furlonge, Klingenstein Center, Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Using Circles as a Restorative Practice in Independent Schools: Supporting Students of Color
    Ruth Bissell, Loren Moyé, LA '09, Betsy Brody, and Justin Lenzi, San Francisco Day School (CA)
  •  What Your AAPI Students and Faculty Won’t Tell You, But You Need to Know
    Drew Ishii, Sage Hill School (CA); Min Pai, Westland School (CA); Cheryl Ting, KSI '99, Redwood Day School (CA)

Concurrent Sessions - A block

  • Amplify Your Leadership Qualities, Professional Learning, and Career
    Matthew Suzuki, JKF '99
    , Rye Country Day School (NY); Michael Johanek, KSI '86, Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania; Regina Nixon, Nashoba Brooks School (MA); Jennifer Stimpson, Hockaday School (TX)
  • Grading for Equity: What It Is, Why It Matters, How It Transforms Schools and Classrooms
    Joe Feldman, Crescendo Education Group; Mark Boswell, LA '17, Marin Country Day School (CA)
  • Administrators of Color Matter: How to Strengthen Your Candidacy in Pursuit of Leadership Positions
    Justin Brandon, Francis W. Parker School (IL); Priscilla Morales, LA '17, The Park School of Baltimore (MD)

Concurrent Sessions - B block

  • PoC in Senior Administration: Why and How We Do the Work
    Ricco Siasoco, Chadwick School (CA); Liz Fernández, PSL '14, Ethical Culture Fieldston School (NY); Roger Bridges, Echo Horizon School (CA); Losmeiya Huang, Growing Place (CA)
  • I Woke Up Like This: Teaching and Practicing Authenticity in Predominately White Spaces
    Rashaad Phillips, KSI '19,
    The Dalton School (NY); Ayesha Numan, Woodside Priory (CA)
  • Hiring Leaders of Color: Easier Said Than Done?
    Alison Park, Blink Consulting; Steve Morris, Heads '17, The San Francisco School (CA); Percy Abram, Heads '12, The Bush School (WA)
  • This Wasn't My Plan: Leveraging Unexpected Leadership Paths for People of Color in Independent Schools
    Eric Osorio, JKF '06
    , The Calhoun School (NY); Noni Thomas Lopez, JKF '06, Gordon School (RI); Alewa Cooper, KSI '03, Greens Farms Academy (CT); William Gilyard, Kingswood Oxford School (CT); Erica Corbin, Chapin School (NY)

Concurrent Sessions – C block

  • Building Institutional Capacity for Sustained Conversation About Race
    Eric Temple, KSI '93, JKF '96, Heads '10
    , Lick-Wilmerding High School (CA); Martha Haakmat, Haakmat Consulting (NY)
  • Our Histories, Our Selves: Using PoC Stories to Liberate, Co-Create, and Thrive in Humanities Classrooms
    Lesley Younge, Whittle School and Studios (DC); Thu Nguyen, KSI '06, Sidwell Friends School (DC)
  • The White Elephant in the Room: Navigating the Reality of Whiteness at PoCC
    Tim Rosenwong, Pacific Ridge School (CA); Alison Park, Blink Consulting; Drew Ishii, Sage Hill School (CA); Marcus Chang, PSL '08, Thaden School (AR)
  • Ed Tech as the Master’s Tools?
    Liz Fernández, PSL '14
    and Dr. Kenny Graves, Ethical Culture Fieldston School (NY); Naomi Arroyo, Churchill School (NY)
  • Lessons From Native American Storytelling: Creating Communities of Consciousness Through Racial Reconciliation and Cultural Competency
    Marshall McCurties, KSI '17, LA '21
    , MICDS - Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School (MO)
  • Deep From the Heart of Texas: Reimagining the Head of School/Chief Diversity Officer Partnership
    Yvonne Adams and Chris Gunnin, St. Stephen's Episcopal School (TX); Gene Batiste and Mark Desjardins, Heads '08, St. John's School (TX); Lee Hark and Karen Bradberry, Greenhill School (TX)
  • Advancing Your Independent School Career: A Reflective, Mentor-Based Approach
    Byron Lawson Jr., Trinity Preparatory School (FL); Kevin Plummer, JKF '99, Tampa Preparatory School (FL); Felicia Wilks, Lakeside School (WA)
  • Leading While Black and Male: Exploring the Lived Experiences of Black Male Heads of School
    Phillip A. Smith, Teachers College, Columbia University

Concurrent Sessions – D block

  • Black Girl Magic: Working With White Women
    Toni Williamson, LA '11
    , Friends Select School (PA); Yvonne Adams, St. Stephen's Episcopal School (TX)
  • The Hidden Side of Transracial Adoptees at Our Schools
    Matt Goldman, Burgundy Farm Country Day School (VA); Jenny Hammond, Deerfield Academy (MA); Christina Fox, KSI '07, The Park School (MA); Amanda Friedman, Miss Porter's School (CT)
  • De Aqui y De Alla: Essential Latinx Topics for Humanities Curriculum
    Miguel Correa, The Berkeley Carroll School (NY); Priscilla Morales, LA '17, The Park School (MD)
  • Building Blocks of Resilient Female Leaders of Color Building Blocks of Resilient Female Leaders of Color
    Kim Ridley, Fayerweather Street School (MA); Angela Garcia, Friends Community School (MD); Courtney Martin, KSI '09, Hawken School (OH); Nicole DuFauchard, Heads '16, The Advent School (MA); Lynn Bowman, The Gordon School (RI)

Concurrent Sessions – E block

  • Leveraging Our Intelligence as Transformative Leaders: Reflections From New Division Heads of Color
    Rochelle Reodica and Danny Scuderi, Marin Horizon School (CA); Sheika Luc, Marin Primary and Middle School (CA); Nancy Nagramada, KSI '99, San Francisco School (CA)
  • Shared Voices: A Documentary on the Experiences of Faculty of Color
    Pascale Musto, Middlesex School (MA); Ara Brown, KSI '06, Whittle School & Studios (DC); Lisa Sun, The Philadelphia School (PA); James Greenwood, KSI '07, LA '11, St. Paul’s School (NH); Eera Sharma, Choate Rosemary Hall (CT)
  • Student Protest: Working With Youth Change Agents to Foster Activism While Balancing and Managing Risk
    Brenda Leaks, PSL '07
    , Seattle Girls' School (WA); Onik'a Gilliam-Cathcart, Helsell Fetterman
  • Expanding Affinity Potential: Affinity Groups in Elementary, Middle, and Early Childhood Education
    James Greenwood,
    KSI '07, LA '11, St. Paul’s School (NH); Jaleesa Anselm, Atrium School (MA); Tina Fox, KSI '07, and Connie Yepez, The Park School (MA); Kerryn Hinds, Fayerweather Street School (MA)
  • Building an Interracial and Intersectional Equity Conference: Engaging Students and Faculty Beyond SDLC and PoCC
    Devin Duprey, St. Andrew's School (DE); Giselle Furlonge, KSI '11, PSL '13, Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences (WA)

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Congratulations to all presenters!

If we missed an alumni presentation that should be on this list, please email Jessica May so we can update the page!


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