Alumni Presentations at NAIS 2020

Sixty Klingenstein program alumni will be presenting 55 sessions at the NAIS Annual Conference 2020 in Philadelphia, PA this February.  If you're attending the conference, be sure to put these on your "must attend" list of sessions!

Pre-Conference Workshops

  • Building Innovation: New Models for Independent Schools
    Thomas McManus, LA '09
    , Revolution School (PA); Andrew Ravin, The Workshop Independent School (NY); Cate Han and Stacey Seltzer, Hudson Lab School (NY); Doug Schachtel, Portfolio School (NY)

  • Truth-Seeking Pods: Why Non-Confirmatory Thinking is the Tool You Need Now as a Leader
    Ryan Burke, Leadership + Design; Jennifer Bowders, McDonogh School (DC); Brenda Leaks, PSL '07, Seattle Girls School (WA); Derek Krein, Tabor Academy (MA)

  • Origin Stories and Transformation: Leading Change while Preserving what Matters
    Debbie Freed, Organizational Development Consultant; Mark McKee, Viewpoint School (CA); Mark Stanek, PSL '00, Shady Hill School (MA); Jim Eagen, Synapse School (CA)

  • The Legacy of Female Leadership in Schools: Finding and Being Mentors, Sponsors, and Role Models
    Ruth Bissell, San Francisco Day School (CA), Nisa Frank, LA '11, Prospect Sierra School (CA), Kathleen McNamara, KSI '93 Heads '13, Seven Hills School (CA); Colleen Schilly, Hillbrook School (CA)

  • Strategy Every Day: Launch “Agile Teams” to Build Capacity, Develop Leaders, and Execute with Power
    Stephanie Rogen, Greenwich Leadership Partners; Randall Dunn, Heads '10, The Latin School of Chicago (IL)

  • Calm is Contagious: Partnering With Parents to Create a Non-Anxious Environment for Students
    Bill Stixrud, George Washington University; Karen Pavliscak and Elizabeth English, Heads '18, The Archer School for Girls (CA)

One-Hour Workshops – Block 1

  • Tend the Rituals of the Schoolhouse
    Sheryl Chard, JKF '05, Sofia Center at Bosque School (NM)

  • Creating a Culture of Sustained Professional Growth and Reflection Within the Evaluation Process
    Sara Deveaux, KSI '92, and Andrew Matlack, KSI '08, The Loomis Chaffee School (CT)

  • Grassroots PD: How to Create Programming Around Race and Equity for White Faculty and Staff
    Meg Johnson, MA/MBA '20, The Klingenstein Center, Columbia University; Julie Lutton, Lakeside School (WA)

  • State of the Independent School Industry: Special Report on Enrollment Issues and Trends
    Christina Dotchin, The Enrollment Management Association; Kevin Plummer, JKF '99, Tampa Preparatory School (FL)

  • Leadership for Human Schools
    Matthew Byrnes, Heads '18, and Christopher Pannone, KSI '06 PSL '08, Wooster School (CT)

One-Hour Workshops – Block 2

  • Why Donors Give to Independent Schools
    Joseph Corbett and Davis Taske, NAIS; Vince Watchorn, Heads '17

  • Position, Population, and Sustainability or Net Tuition Revenue Is Not “the Only Number That Matters”
    William Kummel, Rational Partners LLC; Penny Evins, Collegiate School (VA); Dana Weeks and Joseph Evans, Germantown Friends School (PA); John Gulla, Heads '10, The Edward E. Ford Foundation

  • Creating a Trusted Board Chair-Head Partnership to Lead Effective School Transformation
    Nishant Mehta, PSL '07, The Children’s School (GA); Michele Reiner, Michele M. Reiner Consulting

  • Institutional Decision-Making: Demystifying and Improving an Essential Skill
    Michael Walker, San Francisco Day School (CA); Wanda Holland Greene, PSL '95, The Hamlin School (CA)

  • The Power of Place in Defining Your School’s Educational Niche
    Emily Beck and John Lewis, PSL '03, The Gunston School (MD); Adam Nye, Winchester Thurston School (PA); Matt Micciche, KSI '97 Heads '15, Friends School of Baltimore (MD)

  • Your People Are Your Legacy: Intentionally Crafting School Culture Through Hiring Practices
    Jim Foley, Liz Perry, KSI '99, and Amber Berry, LA '15, St. Luke's School (CT)

  • Conversations That Replenish: Powerful Protocols for Women Heads of School to Renew Focus and Resolve Dilemmas
    Laura Danforth, The Masters School (NY); Tara Christie Kinsey, The Hewitt School (NY); Martha Haakmat, Haakmat Consulting LLC; Jenny Rao, PSL '05, Emma Willard School (NY); Allison Gaines Pell, The Wheeler School (RI); Meera Viswanathan, The Ethel Walker School (CT)

  • Sponsorship: Supporting Women in the Leadership Pipeline
    Cyndy Jean, KSI '12 LA '17, Hackley School (NY); Meredith Legg, Emma Willard School (NY); Margaret Lofgren, Foothill Country Day School (CA); Amy Torok Mendel, Kentucky Country Day School (KY); Cheryl Nkeba, Gilman School (MD); Johara Tucker, Head-Royce School (CA); Tambi Tyler, Atlanta International School (GA)

  • Strategic Board Design For a More Equitable Future
    Krista Demas, Shady Hill School (MA); Lise Goddard, Midland School (CA); Camille Seals, Agnes Irwin School (PA); Cheryl Ting, KSI '99, Redwood Day (CA); Liz Willis, Oakwood School (CA)

One-Hour Workshops – Block 3

  • Getting Strategic About Advancement and Enrollment Goals
    Joe Connolly and Mark Silver, Heads '14, Hillbrook School (CA)

  • Leave a Legacy as Unique as Your School: Powerful Strategies for Alumni Engagement
    Melissa Myers, Sterne School (CA); Lisa Vardi, Bullis School (MD); Jennifer Landis, Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child (NJ); Elise London, Moses Brown School (RI); Lisa Oberstein, PSL '09, Hackley School (NY)

  • Building Bridges: Practical Tips for a Successful Head’s Transition
    Julia de la Torre, KSI '01, Laurence Van Meter, Heads '99, and Barbara Caldwell, Moorestown Friends School (NJ); Peter Baily, Heads '97, Association of Independent Maryland & DC Schools

  • Multi-School Organizing: Distributed Leadership for Impacting School Culture Change, Social Justice, and More
    Matthew Reininger, PSL '11, Trinity School (NY); JP Connolly, Avenues: The World School (NY); Reshan Richards, Columbia University; Saber Khan, The Packer Collegiate Institute (NY); Jeannie Crowley, Ethical Culture Fieldston School (NY)

  • Disruptive Development: Coaching as a Tool for Culture Change
    Teddi Bair and Stacia McFadden, LA '21, The Lovett School (GA); Marsha Little, Carney, Sandoe & Associates

  • Breaking the Bonds of Bias in Hiring Practices
    Deborra Sines Pancoe, Friends Council on Education; Toni Graves Williamson, LA '11, Friends Select School (PA)

  • A Golden Moment for Women’s Leadership in Schools
    Ann Teaff, JKF '85, Bill Christ, and Karen Whitaker, LA '13, Carney, Sandoe & Associates; Kimberly Field-Marvin, Louise S. McGehee School (LA); Wanda Holland Greene, PSL '95, The Hamlin School (CA); Marcia Spiller, Woodward Academy (GA)

  • Data Analysis and Research Tailored to Your School's Size, Budget, and Personnel
    Jamie Britto and Louis Fierro, Collegiate School (VA); Eric Temple, KSI '93 JKF '96 Heads '10, Lick-Wilmerding High School (CA); Tye Campbell and Rachel Gorsky, Gilman School (MD); Jason Ramsden, Ravenscroft School (NC)

  • Free to Be You and Me AND Competitive for College Admission?
    Cristan Harris and Renee Bischoff, Hawken School (OH); Gavin Bradley, PSL '03, and Paul Joffe Gallagher, The Nueva School (CA); Dorothy Jones, The Bay School of San Francisco (CA)

  • Preparing World- and Workforce-Ready Graduates—Immersion, Experiential, and Workforce Learning in Our Schools
    Jeremy Goldstein, LA '13, Episcopal High School (VA); Matthew Gerber, Western Reserve Academy (OH); Jefferson Burnett, NAIS

  • The Challenge of Leadership in Independent Schools: EE Ford Foundation Study and Action Plan
    John Gulla, Heads '10, The Edward E. Ford Foundation

  • PechaKucha Session: Leading With Empathy to Diffuse Conflict and Bring People Together
    George Swain, JKF '00
    , New York State Association of Independent Schools

  • Best Practices for the Use of Non-Need-Based Aid
    Kelley Nicholson-Flynn, Riverdale Country School (NY); Craig Cetrulo, PSL '08, St. Andrews School (FL); Carter Abbott, Pingry School (NJ); Amanda Hale, Lexington School (KY); Andy Zimmer, Emerson School (MI); Jennifer Moore, Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School (GA)

  • “You’ll Figure It Out”: Transitioning to Administrative Roles
    Beth Choiniere, St. Johnsbury Academy (VT); Jonathan Downs, Millbrook School (NY); David Landis, LA '13, Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School (GA); Sophie Lau, Shady Side Academy (PA); Joshua LeRoy, Cardigan Mountain School (NH)

One-Hour Workshops – Block 4

  • Head of School Turnover: Insights and Implications From the NAIS–UPenn Research Collaborative
    Anne-Marie Balzano and Jay Rapp, NAIS; Earl Ball and Michael Johanek, KSI '86, University of Pennsylvania

  • Leading Across Schools: Co-Creating a Competency Roadmap
    Regan Galvan LA '17, Vistamar School (CA); Mike Peller, LA '17, The White Mountain School (NH); Derek Kanarek, Catlin Gabel School (OR); Julia Griffin, KSI '06, The Mastery School of Hawken (OH); Zac Carr, The Nueva School (CA); Terry Yamamoto-Edwards, KSI '91, Punahou School (HI)

  • The Evolution of an Institution’s Engagement With Racism
    Eric Temple, KSI '93 JKF '96 Heads '10, Tamisha Williams, and Nikkia Young, Lick-Wilmerding High School (CA)

  • Leveraging Accreditation to Identify and Advance Strategic Priorities
    George Swain, JKF '00, New York State Association of Independent Schools; Paul Burke, PSL '00, and Nikki Vivion, The Nightingale-Bamford School (NY); JoAnn Douglass, Buffalo Seminary (NY)

  • Learning That Sticks: Bringing High-Quality Project-Based Learning Into Your Classroom
    Christopher Buonamia, LA '21, The Town School (NY)

  • A Legacy for All Students: Reimagining Public, Private, and Community Partnerships and Frameworks
    Christel McGuigan, KSI '07, and Leigh Fitzgerald, Mid-Pacific Institute (HI); Evan Beachy, Kamehameha Schools (HI); Kapono Ciotti, The American International School in Egypt

  • Who Are We? Perspectives on Balancing High School and the College Process
    Archie Douglas, Bentley School (CA); Mark Davis, Heads '10, and Sonia Bell, St. Luke’s School (CT); David Gleason, Private Practice 

One-Hour Workshops – Block 5

  • Interest Circles: A Tool to Transform Parent Experience
    Christina Powers and Ben Chant, LA '05, Poughkeepsie Day School (NY)

  • Howdy, Partner: 10 Tips for a Successful Head-Board Chair Relationship
    Claudia Daggett, Heads '03, Independent Schools Association of the Central States; Mark Crotty, Northwest Association of Independent Schools

  • Looking to Enhance Your Curriculum? Take a Walk Through Your School’s Neighborhood With Us
    Natalie Mayer and Margaret Smith, KSI '11, Friends Select School (PA)

  • Listen Up: Using Student Voice to Improve Well-Being and Increase Engagement in Learning
    Eric Chandler, KSI '01, Emerson Damiano, and Vanessa Chavez, Kent Denver School (CO); Jennifer Villeneuve and Jon Kleiman, Challenge Success, Stanford University

  • Culture Is King: Setting up New Head Success
    David Long, The Galloway School (GA); Andrew Bishop, KSI '09 PSL '11, The Alexander Dawson School (NV); Jason Kern, All Saints Episcopal School (TX); Jayme Johnson, St. John's Episcopal School (TX)

  • All of Us Here: Welcoming Latinx Families
    Ira Dawson and Rick Holifield, The Walker School (GA); Tim Lear, The Pingry School (NJ); Paris McLean, LA '15, Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart (NJ); Jeff Morrison, Trinity School (GA)

One-Hour Workshops – Block 6

  • The Educator as Learner: Teaching and Leading in a School That LEARNS
    Nicole Furlonge, Director, The Klingenstein Center, Columbia University

  • The Planning Is Finished, Now What? Aligning Strategy and Practice
    Kendall Cameron, West Nottingham Academy (MD); Vince Watchorn, Heads '17

  • Improv Comedy in the Classroom: The Transformative Power of “Yes, And”
    Tyler Benedict, KSI '15, The Miami Valley School (OH)

  • Digital Humanities Are the New STEM: The Marriage of Liberal Arts, Technology, and Educational Design
    Mercer Hall, Patricia Russac, and Natasha Chadha, KSI '19, Buckley Country Day School (NY)

  • Scaffolding Leadership Development in High Schools
    Meredith Godley, PSL '97, and Christopher Kimberly, Moorestown Friends School (NJ)

  • Finally! Faculty Growth and Evaluation That Works
    Mike Gwaltney, Rocky Hill School (RI); Barbara Beachley, PSL '11, ISM

  • Benefit Models and Faculty Retention and Recruitment Priorities
    Kerry Adams, The Gregory School (AZ); Peter Behr, The Kinkaid School (TX); Joshua Pretzer, KSI '04 PSL '06, Culver Academies (IN); Christine Saunders, Friends Academy (NY); Jason Smith, Brownell Talbot School (NE); Brian Smith, Steamboat Mountain School (CO)

  • Change Management in School Leadership
    Ryan Allen, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools (IL); Mike Foley, Hilton Head Preparatory School (SC); Michael Hill, The Pembroke Hill School (MO); Marquis Scott, The Lawrenceville School (NJ); Chris Singler, Friends Select School (PA); Aaron Sundstrom, LA '13, Ravenscroft (NC)

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