The FORGE experience

The most effective professional learning experiences for educators combine relevant, personalized, engaging learning away from school with opportunities to practice that learning and receive feedback on strategies in the context of school. Choice, collaboration, and coaching are the hallmarks of a meaningful learning experience. FORGE offers this transformative professional learning. Designed for people eager to learn and build their capacity in leading professional learning communities, FORGE is a four-day in-person learning experience that extends into the academic year with quarterly virtual meetings coached and facilitated by FORGE Leads. Participants will also benefit from virtual peer networking and feedback. 

What makes FORGE unique? 

Throughout the 4-day + virtual academic year experience, FORGErs will learn through experiences designed for applied understanding, with an emphasis on agency, equity, and capacity building. Participants will be able to:

  • Transfer experiencing and understanding to home school

  • Lead from a place of deepened self-awareness and purpose

  • Read school culture with complexity and recognize areas for potential change

  • Recognize self as learner, as agent of change

  • Identify strategies for building team trust and capacity

  • Provide direct feedback for growth and lean into difficult conversations

  • Facilitate meetings more effectively

  • Listen and see through the lens of intersectionality (DEI, SEL, Science of Learning) and layered leadership (Personal, interpersonal, community, etc -- leading in system)

  • Improvise

The experience is designed to FORGE a learning community as we:

  • Engage in mindfulness practices

  • Enjoy place-based experiences inspired by our beautiful setting of Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • Cultivate, (re)discover, and experience joy in educator fellowship 

  • Renew our purpose and practice

  • Sustain each other

FORGE Learning Structures

While involved with FORGE, you will experience learning through these structures:

  • Guidance and coaching by the FORGE leads who will strategize with you throughout your four-day and virtual academic year experience.

  • Reflection, mindfulness practices, strategy checks, and goal tuning will thread throughout the FORGE experience.

  • Individual conferences with FORGE Leads to tune in to your questions and specific opportunities and challenges.

  • Plenary Sessions where the entire FORGE community will learn and grapple with research, frames, and questions that inform work in smaller sessions.

  • FORGE Casework Sessions, one-hour explorations of issues important to cultivating and sustaining people in a professional learning community. In casework sessions, FORGErs will practice the Klingenstein Center’s approach to inquiry case study. These sessions call on participants to listen actively and expansively, ask precise questions, think flexibly, simulate and imagine a range of possible approaches and responses to the issue at hand, build capacity to deal with ambiguity, and practice making decisions in moments of uncertainty.

  • FORGE Studio, two-hour, interactive sessions designed to provide time to learn, apply concepts, and reflect on practice. In each Studio, FORGErs will focus on making -- practice idea generation, creating, sharing, and giving and receiving feedback. 

  • FORGE Virtual, an online community that supplements the quarterly Zoom calls and in-person experience through focused discussion.

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