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Confederate Monuments Syllabus by Kevin Levin
January 1, 2018

Kevin Levin, well-known historian and educator, devotes a page on his blog to a crowd-sourced syllabus for teachers and students, at both secondary and postsecondary levels, who wish to teach and learn about the ongoing debate surrounding the meaning of Confederate monuments and the American Civil War. The syllabus has a comprehensive list of excellent resources, and it provides an excellent starting point for those seeking to educate themselves on the controversy or provide a wide array of source documents for their students. It offers links to regional op-eds and editorials (about Charlottesville and New Orleans, for example) as well as videos and articles from national newspapers and journals. Levin is the author of two books on the Civil War, and his expertise in these areas has led to interviews with The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Boston Globe. Levinlevi also leads workshops for teachers in teaching about these issues, with particular attention and sensitivity to the recent violence in Charlottesville and the shootings in Pittsburgh, PA and Charleston, SC.

Submitted By: Stephanie Lipkowitz, Albuquerque Academy, Albuquerque, NM


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  1. Bernie | Apr 09, 2019
    Thank you!
  2. jsepke | Feb 01, 2019
    Thanks, Lisa, for alerting us to the typo in the author's name!  The error has been corrected.
  3. Lisa Carey | Jan 31, 2019
    Kevin Levin, not Levine
  4. Mo Copeland | Jan 31, 2019
    This is a remarkable resource, thank you so much for sharing it. I have barely gotten past the videos in the first item, about confederate monuments. The whole context of that very current debate, also makes me think of our struggles as schools with sexual assault. This needs its own truth and reconciliation moment--and some schools are embracing that and some are not. Just very interesting and incredibly well done. 

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