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Teachers Are Anxious and Overwhelmed. They Need SEL Now More Than Ever. by Christina Cipriano and Marc Brackett
EdSurge, April 7, 2020

In their article, Christina Cipriano and Marc Brackett strongly advocate for "a greater focus on teachers' health and well-being," especially at a time when so many around the world are coping with a dramatic shift to online teaching. The authors base their opinions on the findings of a recent survey in which they tried to "unpack the emotional lives of teachers." That education providers are in as much need of SEL as their students was made clear by the fact that "anxiety" was the most frequently used word amongst teachers asked to describe their emotional state. According to the authors, teachers' emotional well-being should be a priority not only due to the current pandemic, but also because of systemic issues that continue to plague the education system. Surveys conducted in the past, along with a growing body of research, paint a dismal picture of teachers' emotional well-being. It took a pandemic for governments and citizens alike to recognize the importance of healthcare workers. One hopes that it doesn't take a global education emergency for policy makers, school administrators, and even parents to become cognizant of the needs of those who are on the front lines of education.

Submitted By: Shrey Nagalia, The Doon School, India

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