Alumni Presentations at NAIS 2016

33 Sessions by KC Alumni
Alumni Presentation

Congratulations to all our alumni who presented at the NAIS 2016 Annual Conference

  • Developing Cultural and Global Competency Curriculum for Academic Leaders
    Anne Graybeal, KSI ’15, and Marie Michael, The Blake School (MN)

  • What’s the POINT? Learn How to Translate the Stories of Your School from One Group to Another
    Benedict Chant, LA ’05, and Margaret Metz, The Mandell School (NY)

  • Is Neurodiversity in Your Diversity Plan? Don’t Turn Away the Next Da Vinci or Charles Schwab
    Rachel Whilby, John Russell, and Jonathan Rosenshine, PSL ’03, The Windward School (NY)

  • New Orleans Scholars – An Edward E. Ford Foundation Educational Leadership Grant in Action
    Carolyn Chandeler, HDS ’10, Howard Hunter, KSI ’85, and Vanessa Gentinetta, MPCDS, (LA)

  • Why Schools Should Train New Teachers: Lessons from the Progressive Education Lab
    Jennifer de Forest, JKF ‘99, Progressive Education Laboratory; Jane Moulding, HDS ‘07, Cambridge School of Weston (MA); Sharon Lauer, The Unquowa School (CT); and Emily Jones, HDS ‘09, The Putney School (VT)

  • Spectacular Fails: A Learning Community Takes Risks and Celebrates Failing Forward
    Emily McGrath and Siri Akal Khalsa, PSL ‘94, Northwest Association of Independent Schools, Percy Abram, HDS ‘12, The Bush School (WA), and Kisha Palmer, Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart (WA)

  • Lessons From the Field - Catalyzing Change
    Judith Schechtman and Marc Frankel, Triangle Associates, Lisa Darling, HDS ‘00, The Awty International School (NM), Lisa Lyle, PSL ‘98, Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School (MO), and Byron Hulsey, Woodberry Forest School (VA)

  • Women in Independent School Leadership: How Does It Work?
    Claudia Daggett, HDS ‘03, Independent Schools Association of the Central States, Laura Fuller, University School of Milwaukee (WI), Ann Klotz, HDS ‘12, Laurel School (OH), and Melissa Soderberg, JKF ‘97, The Columbus Academy (OH)

  • Full STEAM Ahead: Donors as Engines of Innovation
    Rick Happy and Dennis Collins, CCS; Wanda Holland Greene, The Hamlin School (CA); and Rob Lake, Collingwood School (CANADA)

  • Board Governance: Scandals, Crises, and Other Serious Issues – What’s the Board’s Role?
    Suzanne Bogdan, Fisher & Phillips, LLP, Debra Wilson, National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), and Steven Piltch, KSI ’97, The Shipley School (PA)

  • Board Structure as a Catalyst for Innovation
    Amy Smucker, Gregory Schneider, HDS ‘13, and Matthew Friel, Berwick Academy (ME)

  • Exploring the Edges: Stories of Collaborations that Rethink Time, Space and Place
    Amy Hollinger, Emily Hamlin, PSL ‘13, and Susan Fine, Global Online Academy (WA); Beth Calderone, The Blake School (MN)

  • Green Ribbon Schools: The Story of Environmentally Sustainable Schools
    Paul Chapman, HDS ‘93, Prospect Sierra School (CA); Lucinda Lee Katz, HDS ‘97, Marin Country Day School (CA); Tamar Cunha, Greens Farms Academy (CT); Paul Stellato, HDS ’12, Princeton Day School (NJ); John Farber, Old Trail School (OH); and Dan Frank, The Steward School (VA)

  • It’s A Girl(s Charter School)!: The Story of Birthing a Public-Private Partnership
    Shannon Montague, PSL ’12, and Peter Metsopolous, The Bryn Mawr School (MD); Carla Spawn-van Berkum, Roland Park Country School (MD); and Laurel Freedman, Lillie May Carroll Jackson Charter School (MD)

  • Two Brains Are Better Than One! The New Normal - Creating Effective Head/Assistant Head Collaboration
    Matthew Stuart, JKF ‘99, The Caedmon School (NY) and Honor Taft, PSL ‘09, Gill St Bernard's School (NJ)

  • Courageous Conversations: Advancing School Engagement around Race and Equity
    Ellanor (Bodie) N Brizendine, KSI ’97, and Susan Parker, The Spence School (NY); Glenn Singleton, Pacific Educational Group; Caroline Blackwell, NAIS; Ellen Stein and Lisa Waller, The Dalton School (NY)

  • Responding to Claims of Bullying
    Michael Blacher, Liebert Cassidy Whitmore; James Busby, KSI ‘85, The Buckley School (CA)

  • Praise, Perfection, and Other Inhibitors to Girls' Confidence: How One School is Changing it's Culture
    Amistead Lemon 'KSI '08
    , Jess Hill, Jenny Jervis, Adam Wilsman, Katy Bowers, and Buffy Baker, Harpeth Hall School (TN)

  • Growing in Self-Knowledge: Storytelling and Personal Testimony with Your School and Self
    Ashley Marshall, PSL '14, The Lovett School (GA) and Peggy McIntosh, The Wellesley Center for Women and the National SEED Project on Inclusive Curriculum

  • Strange Bedfellows: Charter Schools and Independent Schools
    Tyler Kusunoki, PSL ‘15, Beijing Capstone Prep Education Center; Molly Jane Layton, KSI ’09 PSl ‘15, Brooklyn Prospect Charter School; Amanda Corbett Keats, PSL 15, The Spence School; and Pearl Rock Kane, The Klingenstein Center

  • Diversity and Inclusion in Independent School Development 
    Tiffani Harris, William Penn Charter School (PA); Alexis Wright, KSI ‘01, Bank Street School for Children (NY); and David Smith, KSI ‘05, Allen-Stevenson School (NY)

  • Herstory: Behind, in Front of, Next to Every Female Leader, There is a...
    Penny Bach Evins, St. Paul's School for Girls (MD); Stephanie Balmer, Harpeth Hall School (TN); Ann Klotz, HDS ‘12, Laurel School (OH); Tekakwitha Pernambuco-Wise, Sea Crest School (CA)

  • The Compelling Case for Instructional Coaching
    Matthew Horvat, KSI ‘98, Brenda Leaks, PSL ‘07, Gerald Buhaly, and Jessica Hanson, The Overlake School (WA)

  • The Lag in Female Headship - When “Lean In” is Not the Answer
    Lindsay Koss, LA ‘13, Sinai Akiba Academy (CA); Pearl Rock Kane and Patricia Burns, PSL ‘15, The Klingenstein Center; Frances Fondren, LA ‘13, Holland Hall School (OK); and Lucy Goldstein, LA ‘13, Episcopal High School (VA)

  • Executive Mentoring: The Critical Component of Leadership Development
    Thomas Olverson, HDS ‘94, Resource Group 175; Mary Carter, KSI ‘92, The Derryfield School (NH); Paul Baker, Episcopal School of Acadiana, Inc. (LA); and David Roth, McLean School of Maryland (MD)

  • Institutional Research: Getting Our Data to Talk and Our Community to Listen
    Mariel Triggs, Eric Temple, KSI ’93 PSL ’96 HDS ‘10, Colleen Nyeggen, and Randy Barnett, Lick-Wilmerding High School (CA)

  • Do More with Less: Building Agency (Instead of Just Hiring One)
    Tiffany Hendryx, Firebrand for Education, and Matthew Rush, PSL '03, Allen Academy, (TX)
  • May Term: An Experiment in Intrapreneurial, Silo-Busting, Mission-Based Storytelling
    Stephen Valentine, KSI ‘02, Reshan Richards, Bill Stites, Kim Saunders, and Gretchen Berra, Montclair Kimberley Academy (NJ)

  • Listening and Reflection: Two North Stars Guiding Authentic Independent School Leadership
    Jessica Flaxman, LA ‘15, Charlotte Country Day School (NC); Ann Klotz, HDS ‘12, Laurel School (OH); Melinda Bihn, French American International School (CA); and Lynn Casto, LA ‘13, Sanford School (DE)

  • A Big Audacious Goal: How to Become Carbon Neutral and Save Money in the Process
    Steve Harrington and Paul Chapman, HDS ‘13, Prospect Sierra School (CA); Raphael Rosen, Carbon Lighthouse

  • New Leadership Model: Building and Sustaining Faculty Multicultural Leaders
    Charlotte Worsley, Courtney Rein, Laurie Williams, Jennifer Starkweather, Dawn Jefferson, KSI ’06, and Ben Slater, The Urban School of San Francisco (CA)

  • Trailblazers from China: Marry School Mission and Cultural Expectations for Asian Students
    Kathleen McNamara, KSI ’93 HDS ’13, Seven Hills School (CA); and Mary Wadsworth Darby, Peridot Scholastic Advisors

  • Ten Heads, Ten Years, Ten Lessons: INH Class Members of ’06 Tells Their Tales
    John Huber, Emerson School (MI); Reveta Bowers, HDS ‘96, The Center for Early Education (CA); Carolyn Chandler, HDS ‘10, Metairie Park Country Day School (LA); Ian Craig, Harding Academy (TN); Mark Devey, LA ‘05, Perkiomen School (PA); Julie Elam, Marin Primary & Middle School (CA); Josie Holford, Poughkeepsie Day School (NY); Andy Jones-Wilkins, Tandem Friends School (VA); Annette Raphel, Belmont Day School (MA); and Amy Vorenberg, Beauvior, The National Cathedral Elementary School (DC)

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