Alumni Present at PoCC'16

Congrats, presenters!
PoCC Presentation with Suzanna Jemsby

Twenty-three Klingenstein program alumni will be presenting 19 sessions at the NAIS's 2016 People of Color Conference in Atlanta.  If you're attending POCC, be sure to put these on your "must attend" list of sessions!

  • Percy Abram, Heads '12 and Steve Morris, Heads '17 - "We Want to Hire Leaders of Color-- There Just Aren't Any Candidates!" (Actually, There Are)
  • Maria Arellano, LA '13 - Forging Ahead: Women in Educational Leadership
  • Nina Candia, KSI '12 - Writing the Wrongs: Creating the Space for Important Conversations Through Slam Poetry
  • Marcus Chang, PSL '08 - The "Trump Effect" in Independent Schools: Supporting Student Diversity After a Racially Divisive Election
  • Candace Chen, KSI '14 - Rethinking How We Teach the Civil Rights Movement in History and Literature
  • John Creeden, KSI '97 and Nicole DuFauchard, Heads '16  - Diversity Initiatives and Global Studies: Partners in Promoting Inclusion
  • Morgan Darby, KSI '11 - A Conversation: The Fluidity of Gender, Racial, and Sexual Identities in Young People Today
  • Michael Davis, KSI '99, Heads '12 - Rebranding Diversity Day: Engaging Students, Faculty, and the Community in the 21st Century
  • Malikah Goss, PSL '13 - The New Face of African-American Literature: Teaching a Post-Blackness Curriculum
  • Carla Haith, KSI '04 - So You're an Administrator of Color! Now What?
  • Sean  Hamer, LA '09 - "Murphy's Law": The Realities of Your First Year in School Leadership
  • Ayanna Hill-Gill, KSI '96, PSL '03 and Suzanna Jemsby, Heads '15 - Words of Wisdom: Voices of Women of Color in Leadership
  • Suzanna Jemsby, Heads '15 - Baggage Check
  • Pearl Kane, Director, and Mark Reed, PSL '04 - Moving Up: Career Advancement for Educators of Color
  • Kathryn Kaiser, 'LA 11, Steve Morris, Heads '17, and Belinda Nicholson, PSL '10 - Seeking Cultural Competence in Hiring Practical Methods and Strategies for Identifying the Administrators, Staff and Faculty Needed in 21st Century Schools (Pre-Conference Full-Day Equity Seminar)
  • Angela Miklavcic, LA '11 and Pricilla Morales, LA '17 - Family Leave Policies: Challenges and Opportunities for Working Parents in Independent Schools
  • Melissa Mirza, KSI '15 - The Rise of Islamo-racism: Understanding, Teaching, and Tackling Systemic Oppression of Muslims
  • Candice Powell, KSI '11 - Speak Up, Not Over: Helping White Allies Move Beyond White Fragility to Real Solidarity
  • Amani Reed, LA '07 - The PoCC Leadership Institute for People of Color and Women (Pre-Conference Full-Day Equity Seminar)
  • Sherri Spelic, LA '13 - Blogging Beyond the Classroom: Online Engagement for Professional and Personal Growth
  • Lauren White, LA '09 - Hidden Among Privilege: The Experience of Low SES Students in Our Schools

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