Alumni Sessions at NAIS

50 Presentations by 61 Alumni

As you plan your time at the 2018 NAIS Annual conference, consider these 49 sessions featuring 60 Klingenstein Alumni.  


Assessing Student Leadership: Taking the Guesswork Out of Teaching and Assessing Leadership
Karen Strobel, Nanci Kauffman, and Stacey Kertsman, Castilleja School (CA); John Gulla, Heads ‘10, E.E. Ford Foundation

Implementing Your Strategic Plan: How Boards and Leaders Maximize the Odds of Success
Stephanie Rogen, Greenwich Leadership Partners; Randall Dunn, Heads ‘10, Kirk Greer, and Charlie Gofen, Latin School of Chicago (IL)

“What You Permit, You Promote”: Shaping Culture, One Fractal at a Time
Debbie Freed, Debbie Freed and Associates; Landis Green, Wildwood School (CA); Clair Ward, Shore Country Day School (PA); Kathleen McNamara, KSI ‘93, Heads ‘13, Seven Hills School (CA)

Wild Leadership: Tending Rituals, Setting the Stage, Embodying Play
Sheryl Chard, JKF ‘05, Sofia Center for Professional Development at Bosque School (NM); Tamisha Williams, Lick-Wilmerding High School (CA); Elsa Menendez, National Hispanic Cultural Center



Block 1:

Dialoguing to Understand: The New England Youth Identity Summit Model
Lydia Maier and James Manyuru, KSI ‘11, LA ‘17, Waynflete School (ME)

Effective, Enriched Faculty Evaluation by Integrating Peer Coaching
Lisa Oberstein, PSL ‘09, Tyler Jennings, and Matthew Stuart, JKF ‘99, The Caedmon School (NY); Honor Taft, PSL ‘09, Gill St. Bernard’s School (NJ)

Futurewise Leadership: Leveraging Identity and “Tours of Duty” to Think Strategically, Not Traditionally
Jeremy Birk, PSL ‘10, United Nations International School (N); Bill Hulseman, PSL ‘10, Annie Wright Schools (WA); Meghan Howard Nellen, PSL ‘10, The Walker School (GA); Ayisha Karim, PSL ‘10, The Galloway School (GA)

Getting Out of Our Own Way: Hacking the Automatic/Unconscious Mind to Build Better Schools
Jennifer Cerny, Kurt Christiansen, LA ‘15, Kevin MacNeil, and Josh Pretzer, KSI ‘04, PSl ‘06, Culver Academics (IN)

Growing Together: A Case Study in Faculty Evaluation, Development, and Compensation
Brooks Fleming, LA ‘09, Betsey Lewton, and Eric Johnson, Community School of Naples (FL)

A New Pipeline to Leadership
Angela Garcia, The Fessenden School (MA); Rodney Glasgow, LA ‘11, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School (MD); Clarie Leheny, Association of Independent Schools in New England (AISNE); Jalene Spain Thomas, KSI ‘03, LA ‘11, St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School (VA)

Innovating From the Top: Essential Strategies of Technology and Innovation Leadership for Today’s Heads
Dubose Egleston, Heads ‘13, Porter-Gaud School (SC); Jim Foley, St. Luke’s School (CT); Gabriel Lucas, Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools; Antonio Viva, Walnut Hill School for the Arts (MA); Elizabeth Davis, The Synapse School (CA)

Leadership Succession Planning: Fail to Plan? Plan to Fail!
Ronnie Cordington-Cazeau, Evergreen School (WA); Siri Akal Khalsa, PSL ‘94, Northwest Association of Independent Schools; Michael Murphy, Seattle Country Day School (WA)

Perspectives on Leadership: Dynamic Pathways and Shifting School Cultures
Ayanna Hill-Gill, KSI ‘96, PSL ‘03, Atlanta Girls’ School (GA); Matt Levinson, University Prep (WA); Irene Mortensen, Gill St. Bernard’s School (NJ); Jennifer Phillips, Far Hills Country Day School (NJ); Chris Cunningham, The Lawrenceville School (NJ); Beth Pride, The Lexington School (KY); Jill Webb, The Wellington School (OH)

Preparing to Work Collaboratively and Effectively With Your School’s Board When Responding to a Crisis
Aimeclaire Roche, LA ‘05, The Bishop’s School (CA); David Wolowitz, McLane Middleton

Spirituality and the New Science for Thriving
Kirk Wheeler, Heads ‘13, St. Thomas School (WA)

Synergy Between Public and Private Persona in an Age of Polarizing Social and Political Climate
Ken Aldridge, Heads ‘18, Wilmington Friends Schools (DE); Rob Evans, psychologist; Jennie S. Knight, University of Virginia

Block 2:

Ten Years Later: 2008 New Heads Reflect on a Decade of Leadership and Change
Mark Fader, Williams School (CT); Wanda M. Holland Greene, PSL ‘95, The Hamlin School (CA); Scott Kennedy, Norfolk Collegiate School (VA); Christopher Post, The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland (MD)

When Boards Go Rogue: Turning Bad Situations Into Opportunities
Kendall Cameron, Cameron Educational Strategies, Robert Cotter, Friends’ Central School (PA); Vince Watchorn, Heads ‘17, Providence Country Day School (RI)

Better Understand How Well You Meet your Mission: Calling All (Aspiring) Independent School Researchers
Jennifer de Forest, JKF ‘99, California Association of Independent Schools; Jeneen Graham, St. Margaret’s Episcopal School (CA)

Blazing the Path: Creating Powerful Professional Development for Emerging Leaders of Color
Noni Thomas Lopez, JKF ‘06, Ethical Culture Fieldston School (NY); Eric Osorio, JKF ’06, Swift School (GA); Antonio Williams, William Penn Charter School (PA)

Changing Nature of Volunteerism: Meeting Parents Where They Are and Using Them to Engage Alumni
Kathleen McNamara, KSI ‘93, Heads ‘13 and Amy Walters, The Seven Hills School (CA)


Block 3:

The Human Side of Crisis
Wanda M. Holland Greene, PSL ‘95, The Hamlin School (CA); Chris Joffe, Joffe Emergency Services

Leadership Team: Negotiations on an HOS Contract That Strengthen Bonds Between Board and Head
Terrence Briggs, Bowditch & Dewey, LLP; Arch McIntosh, Heads ‘93, Charlotte Latin School (NC)

Leading and Learning With Boys Today
David Armstrong, International Boys’ Schools Coalition; Kerry Brennan, JKF ‘83, The Roxbury Latin School (MA); Brad Gioia, Montgomery Bell Academy (TN); Byron Hulsey, Woodberry Forest School (VA)

The Role of Human Resources in the Development of a Healthy School Culture
Pauline Bailey and Jim Scott, Heads ‘06, Punahou School (HI); Bernie Noe and Sara Skinner, Lakeside School (WA)

The Student-athlete in 2018: High Risk, High Reward
Timothy Heaphy, Hunton & Williams LLP; David Lourie, KSI ‘95, LA ‘05, St. Anne’s-Belfield School (VA)

Pechaakucha Session - I Love to Laugh: Creating a Culture of Humor in Our Schools
Thomas Taylor. LA '13, Breck School (MN) 

Block 4:

Collaborative Internship Cohort: A Pathway to Teaching Excellence
David Bannister, The Fessenden School (MA); Kathy Coen, The Park School (MA); Brendan Largay, Belmont Day School (MA); Justin McLean and Alethea White, Meadowbrook School of Weston (MA); Michael Coppola, KSI ‘09, PSL ‘11, Chestnut Hill School (MA)

GROW: How Teacher-directed Professional Deevelopment Nurtures Growth and Builds Community
Kelly Causey, Matt Micciche, KSI ‘97, Heads ‘15, Jennifer Robinson, and Amy Schmaljohn, Friends School of Baltimore (MD)

How to Win Students and Influence Parents
Aimee Gruber, The Enrollment Management Association; Kevin Plummer, JKF ‘99, Tampa Preparatory School (FL)

Leadership for a Diversity-responsive Community
Stella Beale, LA ‘13, and Meghan Tally, KSI ‘08, LA ‘15, Windward School (CA); Roger Bridges and Peggy Procter, Echo Horizon School (CA)

Leading With Data
Keith Evans, KSI ‘87, Heads ‘12, Westminster Schools (GA); Cathy Hall, Noble and Greenough (MA); T.J. Locke, Heads ‘12, Episcopal Academy (PA); Michael Nachbar, PSL ‘07, Global Online Academy (WA)

Managing Up, Managing Down: How Women Leaders Need to Navigate the Waters in Our Schools
Kathleen McNamara, KSI ‘93, Heads ‘13, Seven Hills School (CA); Colleen Schilly, Hillbrook School (CA)

Mind the Gap: Leading Your School in Closing the Gap Between Aspirations and Current Practice
Julia Griffin, KSI ’06 and Kim Samson, Hawken School (OH)

The New Relevance: More Student Engagement, Less Homework
Peter Brooks, LA ‘11, Lincoln School (RI); Peter Gow, Independent Curriculum Group

Students and Trustees: Possibilities for Collaboration and Real-world Learning
Casey Clark, Glenmede; Emily Jones, Heads ‘09, The Putney School (VT)

Block 5

Engagement and Impact: Design Thinking for Social Justice
Ara Brown, KSI ‘06, Cranbrook Kingswood Schools (MI); Nola-rae Cronan, Columbus School for Girls (OH)

Is There a Tuition Bubble? Macroeconomics and Independent Schools
Greg Hagin, CCS; John Lewis, PSL ‘03, The Gunston School (MD)

MOOCs for Professional Development: What We Want Every Teacher to Know
Pearl Kane, JKF ‘79 and Kevin Mattingly, KSI ‘83, Teachers College, Columbia University

Stories From Headship: “Why the Hell Would You Want This Job?”
Mark Davis, Heads ‘10
, St. Luke’s School (CT); Archie Douglas, Bentley School (CA); Ruth Glass, Lake Tahoe School (NV); Chuck Harmon, York School (CA)

Activating Inquiry-based Leadership: Practices for Change and Empowerment Across School Constituencies
Noa Mendelevitch, Synapse School (CA); Mike Orlando, KSI ‘04, Helios School (CA)


Block 6

Authenticity, Purpose, and Customer Experience: One School’s Journey to Full Enrollment
Greg Bamford, KSI ‘02, LA ‘07 and Mishel Gantz, Watershed School (CO)

Constructing Servant Leaders: A Blueprint for Developing Transformative Service Learning
Margot Moses, PSL ‘11, Carolina Day School (NC); Isaac Rankin, Christ School (NC)

Honoring the Student Experience: The Power and Potency of Student-centered Practitioner Research
Cara Henderson, The Emery/Weiner School (TX); Brendan McGrail, Dwight-Englewood School (NJ); Kelsey Schroeder, Roland Park Country School (MD); Jackson Collins, PSL ‘09, Prep for Prep

Incubating and Co-working: Building Innovative School Programs and Partnerships Beyond Your Campus
Jeremy Goldstein, KSI ‘00, Episcopal High School (VA)

The Journey Toward an Engaged and Generative Board
Tommy Battle, Virginia Episcopal School (VA); Hank Berg, Highland School (VA), Betsy Hunroe Virginia Association of Independent Schools; David Lourie, KSI ‘95, LA ‘05, St. Anne’s-Belfield School (VA); Michael Groves, Oak Hill Academy (VA); Scott Kennedy, Norfolk Collegiate Academy (VA); Elinor Scully, The Langley School (VA)

Lab Atlanta: Designing, Disrupting, and Changing Lives
Laura Deisley, The Lovett School (GA); Mike Pardee, KSI ‘84, PSL ‘00, Lab Atlanta (GA)

Leadership That Delivers: The Power of Financial Aid, Institutional Sustainability, and Inclusion
DaRel Christiansen and Jennifer Moore, Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School (GA); Christopher Tompkins, Heads ‘13, The Tatnall School (DE)

Turning the Tide on the Student-leadership Experience
Jason Coady, KSI ‘03 and Ellen Deitrich, The Hill School (PA); Debra E. Johns, Yale University

What Is a B+, Anyway? Replacing Grades With a Mastery Model
Tim Bazemore, Heads ‘07, Catlin-Gabel School (OR); Regan Galvan, LA ‘17, Polytechnic School (CA), Michael Peller, LA ‘17, The Nueva School (CA)

Congratulations to all alumni who were selected to present at NAIS Annual Conference 2018! 

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