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Join these sessions  conversations to talk with fellow Klingenstein alumni and members of the wider education community around timely topics. These are not webinars, but instead lightly-facilitated conversations to help independent and international school educators connect and problem-solve together. Click a session link below to register for that KlingChat.

Klingenstein at NAIS

Join us for The Future Of Headship on Wednesday, February 24. In this interactive session hosted by the Klingenstein Center and NAIS, we will explore the forces defining the future of headship and the implications for both current and aspiring school leaders. Data from several NAIS studies, including factors that impact leadership sustainability and why boards hire heads of school will also be presented. Using the OECD Learning Framework 2030, participants will engage in small group activities to examine the behaviors and knowledge needed to lead independent schools in the future. Finally, participants will examine their own leadership practice through this lens and create a professional development plan to address areas of potential growth. 

Register via NAIS Annual Conference Registration.

KlingSalon - now virtual

KlingSalon was designed to bring a small group of educators together to think deeply and brainstorm around key issues facing independent school education. In its face-to-face format, educators close to the topic frame the issue and question and small groups worked together to seek solutions. This year, KlingSalon will go virtual, still bringing educators together for deep dives into thorny issues.

This year’s KlingSalons will follow the theme Future Now. In October of 2019, Center Director Nicole Furlonge wrote to alumni and friends of the Center:

By future now, I am recalling this thought from historian Howard Zinn: “We don’t have to wait for some grand utopian future. The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory.” Zinn’s notion of what I am calling a future now informs the Klingenstein Center’s design of meaningful experiences for our professional learning community. . . There is no better time to design the future than now.

Each of our KlingSalons this year will focus on places where independent school communities live, not only in defiance but also in deliberate engagement towards creating a better future.

Check back soon for spring 2021 KlingSalon dates.

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